What Is Herbal Relief?

Herbal relief, herbal medicine, herbal remedies and botanical medicine are all different names for the practice of using botanicals (plants) to prevent and treat certain ailments and illnesses. Herbal relief uses the curative properties of plant seeds, bark, leaves, fruits, roots, etc. to treat physical and mental problems or to boost the body’s natural defenses and healing abilities.   Herbal relief may take the form of herbal teas, infusions, decoctions, herbal supplements, raw herbs, herbal extracts, herbal tinctures, or other more recognized forms such as compresses, tablets, liniments, ointments, and capsules.

Used throughout history (and undoubtedly before) by most (probably all) cultures, herbal medicine is the most ancient form of health care known.  For most of human existence herbs were the primary method of treating disease and illness but when man-made patent medicines became readily available and herbs became less available as people moved from the countryside to the city, the use of herbal relief fell by the wayside.  Recently, however, there has been a resurgence of interest in herbal remedies and herbal relief has become a popular option for many people.

These days, herbal medicine, despite it’s extensive and esteemed history, is considered ‘alternative’ to mainstream medicine and in many cases it is a viable alternative to commercially manufactured medicines. Much of the professional medical community, however, is still debating the efficacy and safety of herbal treatments.  Don’t let that debate deter you from using herbal medicine because the anecdotal evidence and historical practice seems to confirm that, when properly used, herbs are safe and effective for many ailments.

In the final analysis, only you can decide if using herbs to treat your ailments is right for you or your loved ones. The goal of this website is to provide you with the information and resources to help you make an informed decision.

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I suffer from chronic hives/urticaria. Looking for meds or herbals advice/success for relief and/or prevention

Does anyone know of Dr. Sebi of Honduras?

I have a friend that was diagnosed with herpes. A friend of hers told her about Dr Sebi. It is said that he has a diet program that can cure diseases that is said to be noncureable. Has anyone tried this diet program or know someone who has? If so is the allegations true can this herbal diet cure noncureable disease like herpes?

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what is the best CHINESE herbal formula for sleep/anxiety issues?

Before you recommend, I would like to just mention I can not take any formula with Rhemania in it(otherwise I would take what my last herbal doc. gave me… that herb is greasy by nature and upsets my stomach… so please recommend something with out that… Thank you.

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Is my insomnia psychological or physical?

I’ve tried everything from exercise, sleeping pills, herbal teas, diet changes to treat my insomnia but nothing works. It’s like once I lay in bed I can’t shut my mind off. It is constantly racing and I can’t rest. I’ve been living on 2 hours of sleep a night for the past 6 months.

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what food or herbal medicine could treat erectile dysfunction?

I masterbate always thats why I have this illness and Im still young Im still 20 at age hope you will help and answer seriosly my question.

Arthritis,psoriasis,psoriatic arthritis,some types of Asthma are linked one viruse?

In my research,I think that psoriasis,Arthritis,Psoriatic Arthritis and some types of Asthmaand some types of kidney problems are linked with one particuler kind of virus cells.
Because I can giving only one Herbal treatment cures all these disease.So i can give this answer.
I am an Indian in Tamilnadu.I have been giving this treatment freely to poor and lonly peoples.This is not advertisment ,only on service motive.

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If you or someone you know has Endometriosis, how do you get relief or deal with it? ?

I want to go to a specialist for excision but my insurance will not cover it. I know a lot of women suffer from this disease even if it is not very well known and wanted some help. It is so painful sometimes. My doc gave me painkillers, but I was wondering if any one had success in controlling it through diet, exercise (even though I know exercise is hard with endo), or anything else. Maybe herbal supplements or something. I am desperate for relief and any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I have told my doctor about my pain and everything and he says there is nothing that can be done except give me painkillers.

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Natural/herbal treatment of depression, anxiety, cloudiness?

I have been on various prescription medications in the last few years for depression, anxiety, and overall cloudiness [almost positive it's depersonalization disorder], but they seem to make me feel like a zombie, on top of numerous unwanted side effects.
What are some remedies, pills, or herbs I can take to help with these illnesses?
Also, I have been off of medication since March.

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How much trust should we place on doctors?

I have a pain primarely on right lung. Every now and thenI feel it on my left lung. Sometimes it is very sharp, sometimes it is dull. It hurts mostly when it gets cold, when I breathe in/out, etc. After oh so many blood tests, x-rays, etc., out of nowhere I am told I could have Lupus, then I am told it looks more like Sjogrens syndrome. I am placed on meds that made me feel sicker than I was. And could have horrible effects. I took my self off the meds, started taking herbal meds and beta glucans 1, 3 to help my immune system. No relief on my lungs, tests still continue. Am I alone, or does anyone ever question their doctors? And if you do, do you think Eastern Medicine is a better way to go?

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